Are You Interested?

Fancy taking part in a craft fair in a chilled out and relaxed atmosphere? Perhaps you want to take the plunge and do a stall but are a bit intimidated by the big price and people who organise it? Then lovely little craft fairs are just right for you! If your interested leave a comment or email us at!

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Whats It All About?

I'm trying to organise a little craft fair in the land of Cheltenham on the 25th of April!! I've done a few sales by myself but found myself wanting to do one with other people but i couldn't find any! Soooo i took it upon myself to organise one myself? (i don't think I'm insane.....)
Its going to be held at the Strand (just next door to Sue's Crafts...if your local). They have a big function room upstairs. There is enough space for 8-9 stalls.I'm probably going to charge 5pounds per stall so that are some pennies for advertising (I'll pay this for my own stall too) I'm looking for a good variety of crafts.
I'm hoping for a lovely laid back atmosphere, a fun place to come and browse some handmade loveliness.
Sooooo, if you are interested please get in touch via this blog or by emailing me at, check out my blog at if you want to see a little bit more of what I'm about.
hope to hear from you soon!!!