Are You Interested?

Fancy taking part in a craft fair in a chilled out and relaxed atmosphere? Perhaps you want to take the plunge and do a stall but are a bit intimidated by the big price and people who organise it? Then lovely little craft fairs are just right for you! If your interested leave a comment or email us at!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Some Tempting Sneaky Pics...

Some more lovely snippets of the awesome things you can find at the fair this Saturday...

Some of Liz's beautiful creations...

Just some of the fantastic dresses and lavender hearts from Cara...
Some of miniature work from funky are the guitars?!
The hand made loveliness of Sophie
and last but by no means least, PaperBag Princess and her fab t-shirts.
See You Saturday!

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sneaky pics...

Hello There...
Just a quick post to tempt you into coming to the Craft Fair this Saturday....

This is just an example of the lovely work of Nitu Marathe who makes great beaded jewellery. why not pop over Saturday and pick up a piece for yourself?

More Pictures to come soon


Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Week Today...

Just a quick post to mention that the next Lovely Little Cheltenham Craft Fair will be on the 4th of July which is Saturday coming. This time the fair is going to be a bit bigger and will be on two floors, the 1st floor (as on the first fair) and also in the basement. There are a few returning stall holders...Carol will be there with her great cards and lovely bags, Liz with her wonderful jewellery, Cara with her cute children's dresses, Scaff with her funky re-purposed t-shirts and Face Ache with their amazing comic book themed jewellery. New stalls will bring awesome crochet, yummy cakes and more sparkly jewel's for your delight! The fair will start at 12 and finish at 4 as the last one did...unfortunately it has come to our attention that the finish time is not mentioned on the flyer's!! if there are any questions at all please get in touch!!
see you soon!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

The First Ever Craft Night In....

Hello Everyone.
Hope you are all fine and dandy.
I'm pleased to announce that the date has been confirmed for the first Craft Night In...(drum roll please...)
When: Tuesday the 26th of May.
What Time: 6pm until 8pm
Where: The Strand, 40-42 High Street, Cheltenham, Glos.
Why?: to eat cake, drink tea and coffee and talk craft..
So if your interested please stop by..
I apologise for the date being so early but it was the best i could get! if its a huge problem then I'll try and get a later one (mid June time?)
Id also like to point out (if i may) that there are a few more stalls still available for the second lovely little craft fair on the 4th of will be a little bit bigger than the first one. This one will be on two floors.Anyways...if you think you might be interested please get in touch at
See You Soon!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Craft Night In???

Hello peoples!! Thought id pop a post in here to let you know about an event that I'm thinking of organising in cheltenham. if your reading this blog then you probably all ready know about craft fairs. I'm thinking of running a night where people can come and meet up with other people who craft....maybe have some cake and some coffee (or tea?) you don't have to be doing the craft fair...just if you fancy meeting up with other craftsters and partaking in some craft projects. if the first one goes well then I'm going to try and do them once or twice a month...once they get going then the plan is to start some little group projects up (like make your own button bracelet or flower brooch...that sort of thing.) when it gets to this stage then i think I'm going to come up with a shopping list of stuff you'll need to bring with you...but i guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it!! Well that's it really...if your interested please email me at
you bring the creativity and I'll bring the cake!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Next Lovely Little Cheltenham Craft Fair Is On...

If you are interested in running a stall please drop me and email at
remember you don't have to have any experience with other craft fairs, the lovely little craft fairs are meant to be a relaxing chance for you to take shot at selling your lovelies...we have a few confirmed people all ready...including all of the lovely ladies from the first fair but there are a few more spaces left as the next fair is going to be bigger!!!
Go on...put your name down!!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

What a Success!!

Well the first of the lovely little craft fairs has been launched and I'm pleased to say that it was a fantastic!Everyone was happy....customers and stall holders included. Everybody that had a stall on Saturday wants to do the next one which will be taking place end of June sometime. a date hasn't been set in stone just yet as i need to know how many stalls will be there...chances are that we will either need to do the next one in a different place or split the craft fair up onto two floors (the strand has a basement.) The only problem with splitting it up is that the basement has no windows (could it be a bit too dark) it does however have a big old fire exit which we may be able to keep open? I'm going to do some further investigations and will let you all know.
in the mean time...thanks to everyone who came and took part in the first lovely little craft fair!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bring on the Trumpets!!..

So....Its not long left now!!! I know that i could do with a few more days!!! I just thought i would post up a reminder of the essential details.
The fair is going to be at The Strand (40-42 High Street) in Cheltenham.
Doors open at 12pm and we will shut up shop at 4pm.
There are ten free goody bags up for grabs for the first ten customers!!
Watch out for the little advert in the echo...its going to have pretty buttons on it...(a big thank you to Jess at the echo for all of her help)
Oh...i almost forgot...Jo will be at the kids arts and craft stall from 1pm and will be making bugs from recycled materials. if your there before jo then there will be some crayons and reams of paper!!
Looking forward to seeing all you lovely people on Saturday...hopefully!!
Take Care

Sunday, 5 April 2009


Hello everyone!!

Just a quick post to show you what the flyers look like. Ive given some to some of the lovely people doing the craft fair but if there is anyone else who wants to distribute some out to friends and family let me know.

Well there you go. what do you think?? I'm really pleased to them and have said a big thank you to El for doing them!!!

I'll be back soon with some more pictures of the loveliness you can expect to find on the 25th...ohhhh not long now is it?


Saturday, 21 March 2009

Table Plan!

Taaa Daaaa!!

Here is the table plan for April the 25th! Ive managed to fit everyone in and there should be some space for people to group and chat.

Rather annoyingly it is the wrong way round here...and very small...but if i haven't already emailed you a copy of it just let me know and i will send it straight away(it will be bigger that way as well....i think!)

Its not long now...just over a month. hope the preparations are going well for you all. i have suggested meeting up on the 30th of march in case anyone wanted to see the room and me....and everyone else doing the fair. I'm not sure why but i thought it might help if we knew what each other looked like???

anyway let me know!!

Take Care and Happy Stitching!



Friday, 13 March 2009

More Lovely Ladies and Pictures!!!

Hello again!!
Hope you are all fine and dandy. I'm popping by with some new pictures for you all.
One lady who will be selling her lovelies is Sue Fishbourne...
She makes delicious bags,lavender hearts, cushion covers and dolls....

And another talented lady who will be there in April is Carol Lane, she makes fantastic cards and bags..
Right m'dears that's all for now....there are only a few spaces left as its only a small if you know anyone who is contemplating persuade them to do it!!! if you are thinking about coming down for a browse...please love for this to become a regular meeting/sale/fair thing...a chance to chat with like minded people who make things....
Take Care

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tables and New Pictures

I'm back with the table sizes...the larger ones (of which there are 4) are 49" by 30", the smaller ones (of which there are 4) are 30" by 30". the only fair way i can think of when it comes to allocating these is on a first come first served get in touch quick!!!!
Also... i have some new pictures from another confirmed stall.
The lady is called Liz and she makes lovely beaded jewellery and also cards and gift boxes, they all look great (might have to hold on tight to my purse strings on the day!!)

Well my loves, that's all for now, i will be back soon with a floor plan.ohhhh how exciting!!
P.S. i thought i might as well add this onto here...this is what i have emailed the local univeristy about the craft fair, they said they would put it up on the website. its quite useful if you were wondering what the fair is all about...

200 words for Lovely Little Cheltenham Craft Fair.
Thanks to the increasing popularity of craft blogging and the creation of websites such as Etsy and Folksy crafting has stopped being something you hide from others. Conversations like “Ohh you craft…that’s quaint…well good luck with that” spring to mind. Now you are more likely to hear “You made these things?…And you sell on Folksy?….That really cool!“ Crafting is becoming something which you can show off…..and maybe even brag about a little.
This is the ethos which I have tried to put into the Lovely Little Cheltenham Craft Fair at the Strand (Cheltenham, High Street) on the 25th of April. Its not a fair where you have to pay fifty plus for a stall nor is it a fair where people will turn their noses up at the items you make. Instead it will be a craft fair where people who have a passion for creating can meet and chat. A fair where people are welcome to browse the stalls of talented craftsters. A fair where the stall holders don’t have to worry about how much they sell but instead enjoy the atmosphere and company.
So if you are interested in more information email, or just pop along on the day doors open at 12pm!! Everyone is welcome.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Plans are Ticking Along Fine.

Hello again.
thought i would pop by with a progress report. Ive spent the last week emailing people about the craft fair and making enquires about advertising as a result the local university have confirmed that they will run an article on the craft fair on their website...which is very generous of them. I'm waiting to hear back from a few other places. Ive also emailed the people in charge of the great British craft tour and asked if they are interested in coming over...i think they are local fingers crossed.any other suggestions will be greatly received!!
People have steadily been confirming their interest in the fair and i am pleased to introduce you all to Cara Joines. This lovely lady sells girls dress,lavender bags and wire fairies. here are some pictures of her cute makes....

The dresses look lovely...i cant wait to see them out on the table.

Speaking of Tables i will be posting the sizes of the tables up early next week so watch this space. i will email the sizes of the tables to anyone who has expressed interest.

Well that's all for now my lovelies...more next week

Stay Safe


Monday, 2 March 2009 promised.

Afternoon my lovelies, i went to the Strand today and took some pictures of the room where the fair will be held. i apologise for all of the tables and chairs in there, but they had had a function in there the night before and hadn't had a chance to clear up. Hopefully these will give you a bit of an idea of the space.

Another thing i wanted to mention was the tables. There are a variety of sizes available which are provided by the strand. Ive been thinking and I've decided that the best way of doing it is to get back to you with a list of the sizes of tables and letting you decide which on you would rather?. that way if there is anyone who is doing a sale for the first time and is worried about how much or little stock they have they can choose the size to fit them. Make sense?

In terms of the fair itself, everything is coming along fine three stalls have been confirmed, which is good. fingers crossed I'll have some pictures of the stall holders wares soon. i also had the idea of setting up a free children's stall with some paints and paper etc so that any mums that come and browse easily.what do you think??

Right, well that's it for now dears.

Be Back Soon


Saturday, 28 February 2009

Whats It All About?

I'm trying to organise a little craft fair in the land of Cheltenham on the 25th of April!! I've done a few sales by myself but found myself wanting to do one with other people but i couldn't find any! Soooo i took it upon myself to organise one myself? (i don't think I'm insane.....)
Its going to be held at the Strand (just next door to Sue's Crafts...if your local). They have a big function room upstairs. There is enough space for 8-9 stalls.I'm probably going to charge 5pounds per stall so that are some pennies for advertising (I'll pay this for my own stall too) I'm looking for a good variety of crafts.
I'm hoping for a lovely laid back atmosphere, a fun place to come and browse some handmade loveliness.
Sooooo, if you are interested please get in touch via this blog or by emailing me at, check out my blog at if you want to see a little bit more of what I'm about.
hope to hear from you soon!!!