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Fancy taking part in a craft fair in a chilled out and relaxed atmosphere? Perhaps you want to take the plunge and do a stall but are a bit intimidated by the big price and people who organise it? Then lovely little craft fairs are just right for you! If your interested leave a comment or email us at!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Craft Night In???

Hello peoples!! Thought id pop a post in here to let you know about an event that I'm thinking of organising in cheltenham. if your reading this blog then you probably all ready know about craft fairs. I'm thinking of running a night where people can come and meet up with other people who craft....maybe have some cake and some coffee (or tea?) you don't have to be doing the craft fair...just if you fancy meeting up with other craftsters and partaking in some craft projects. if the first one goes well then I'm going to try and do them once or twice a month...once they get going then the plan is to start some little group projects up (like make your own button bracelet or flower brooch...that sort of thing.) when it gets to this stage then i think I'm going to come up with a shopping list of stuff you'll need to bring with you...but i guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it!! Well that's it really...if your interested please email me at
you bring the creativity and I'll bring the cake!!!

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